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Dubai Commercial Locksmith – SML

Commercial Locksmith Dubai services in a larger range of sectors, including the business sector, are offered by SmartMob. Furthermore, SML offers a range of services beyond automotive and commercial locksmith. We have served several businesses with competent and thorough services. So, as a result, we are their go-to reliable source for Dubai commercial locksmith services.

SML’s experienced professionals can provide you with superior service than any other ordinary locksmith in the city, regardless of the size or urgency of your locksmith needs. We are here to help you in Dubai City twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact SML with any locksmith needs. Any kind of property, whether it’s a factory, warehouse, office suite, retail center, commercial complex, data center, or residential or commercial structure in Dubai or its surroundings, is acceptable.

Call SML now, your local Dubai commercial locksmith.

Locksmith in Dubai offers one window solution to its clients and more importantly, it’s online for your convenience and available round the clock for 24/7 commercial locksmith Dubai services.The technical locksmith team visits your premises to learn about your security requirements, conduct surveys, make technical and security recommendations, recommend the locks, equipment & other accessories and finally carry out the installation of locks & security systems compliant with market standards.

FAQs about Dubai Commercial Locksmith Services

Should I change locks after an employee leaves?

Yes, you should change locks after an employee leaves. Usually, business owners give a set of keys to their employees, and all landlords give keys to their tenants. As such, it is always safe to rekey or replace the locks when such partners get dissociated. While they may give back the set you provided them, it’s nearly impossible for you to know if they made their copies at some point in the past. It’s best to ensure that only you have access to your keys, as well as any replacements for those who left without intimation.

Why should I use a Dubai commercial locksmith to duplicate my keys instead of my local hardware store?

It is wise to hire a professional commercial locksmith in Dubai who is professional because unlocking commercial sites is the place where ‘time does matter’ applies the most. In a local hardware store, there are a lot of problems, like usually it’s incorrectly cut, the incorrect blank was used, the original key was damaged, the duplicate was cut from a copy of a copy, nobody pays attention to the maintenance of the machine for one and most importantly, key duplication is not their specialty. Usually, people needing key duplication or key cutting prefer a key shop near me for their convenience, but how is that convenience worth it when that key doesn’t get you into your door and you need to have the locksmith specialist fix it anyway?

On the other hand, SML Locksmiths are specialists in key cutting; their machines are of the utmost importance to them because they sell their services based on those tools, so they calibrate key cutting machines routinely.

Lost my filing cabinet key in my office. Can you make a new key for this lock?

Losing a key is one of the most critical situations faced by anyone, but don’t worry, we are here to serve you. SML locksmith experienced technicians open, re-key, repair, and replace all types of office lockouts throughout Dubai every day. It is always wise to contact your key maker, not only when you need a locksmith to unlock your file cabinet but also whenever you need solutions regarding the change of its locks.

SML takes extra care when unlocking safes and file cabinets. Their trained technician does not prefer to break into your file cabinet until all the techniques and tools fail to produce any positive result. He first works out its technical unlock and rekeying, but finally resorts to its forcible opening after you permit them to do so. Even if he needs to drill the cabinet, he makes sure that its impact remains limited to the place of lock only and does not strike the contents inside the drawer.

Could the deadbolt be added to my office door?

Yes, the deadbolt can be attached to your office door. SML’s experienced locksmith technicians could swiftly reach your place and serve you with all your commercial lock requirements of commercial locks. You will find them at home in keying and in installing deadlocks.

Should I call SML or ask the Dubai Commercial Locksmith near me to rekey my office locks?

You shall call the SML first. A professional locksmith could do much more than simply open a lock. So, we should prefer to hire an experienced locksmith, as he has not only the tools but also sufficient skills to amicably deal with any complex situation and does all that in a limited time. Otherwise, if you choose to hire a novice technician available at the key shop near you, it is going to cost you almost double the price.

Is it safe to use a keyless entry system in the office?

Yes, the use of a keyless entry system in the office is safe, hence its widespread implementation. Security has forever been vital in the work environment, whether it’s providing a representative with a bunch of keys or recruiting a safety officer at the front door. In the extent of present-day business building security, most workplaces currently highlight electronic door locks, which permit organizations to move up to keyless passage frameworks. There are many advantages to going keyless, including its vitally elevated security.

Shall I install an alarm on my fire exit door for office security?

Yes, you should install an alarm on the fire exit door for office security because the fire exit door is never closed. Anyone from outside can come in, and from inside, anyone can pass things through. If there is a fire, people need to be able to get out without worrying about locks, keys, and codes. If a burglar breaks in, on the other hand, we don’t want him to be able to slip out of the front door with all of our property. To ensure the coexistence of security and convenience, it is better to install an alarm on the fire exit door of your office.