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Electrical Services

SML is your best option for an electrical services company in Dubai. There are

no other vendors that can offer services of the calibre of SML, and our numerous

satisfied customers all over Dubai can attest to that. Known for our considerable

quality and efficient servicing, We guarantee we can resolve all your electrical

services needs.

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Importance of electricians

Electricity is the life of our modern landscape, whose foundation is electricity-powered machines and appliances. Giving us the power to communicate with people from varying distances, consume content, and learn hassle-free. Thus, we must have an electrical service company near me to repair our often fragile luxuries lest our routines become disrupted any longer than initially planned. Service Providers like SML offer remarkable electric service and repairs for anyone in Dubai. Whatever your electric service and repair needs, a Custom Electric Service, an Electrical Service Panel, an Electrical Wiring Repair Service, an Electrical Service Switch, or Auto Electric Services in Dubai, SML has your back through it, with a keen eye on the customer and their needs.

affordable electrical services dubai

Not only is SML the leading company in Quality, but we also offer first-rate affordability in our costs. We understand the struggles that come with paying a costly bill for less-than-stellar service, so we have made it our mission to break this unfortunate standard and say hello to inexpensive and brilliant Air Conditioning and Electrical Services.

best electrical services in Dubai

Standing as a point of excellence in all electrical and maintenance services in Dubai, SML’s All Electrical Services are of the highest quality. With a prestige earned through reliability, quality and professionalism, SML has been delivering remarkable 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services in Dubai for years. Their team of electricians and engineers are equipped to take on any matter of electrical and maintenance services, From frequent maintenance and repairs to complex electrical installations and systems upgrades. Ingrained in their company values, SML is dedicated to being your go-to Electrical Service Company Nearby partner.

electrical service company near me

When scouring for an electrical service company near me, it’s essential to find a reliable team with a worthy background that can meet your electrical needs with professionalism and your best interests at heart. To the right local company, it won’t matter whether you book a residential or commercial electrical service. They should offer an expansive range of expertise, installations, repairs, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Find a company which is licensed and insured. Additionally, immediacy to your location is significant, providing quick response times and efficient service delivery. If you find an electrical service company near me that you can trust. You’ll be stress-free knowing that your electrical needs are covered by hands that know what they’re doing.

What’s Included

SML deals in a vast selection of 24/7 emergency Electrical and Maintenance Services in Dubai services that you can have us summoned for, feel free to contact us and we’ll come by in a flash. Here are just some of our services.

  • Mobile Repairing
  • Small Appliance Repair
  • Home Appliances Repair
  • Electrician


Heating units installation

Our heating unit installation service offers a warm and friendly atmosphere with effective and dependable heating solutions adapted to your requirements.



Our competent bulb installation service creates a well-lit, pleasant area.



Our Dubai electrical wire work service ensures safe and efficient electrical connections throughout your home.


Kitchen appliances installation

You may enjoy a completely functioning and efficient kitchen with our kitchen appliance service.


Bathroom appliances installation

Our bathroom appliance installation service offers a smooth and skillfully fitted variety of appliances, improving the efficiency of your bathroom.


Professional Electrician in Dubai

Our Dubai electricians provide safe and efficient electrical solutions with thorough attention to detail.



Our mirror bulb installation service ensures excellent illumination for grooming and cosmetics.



We skillfully install and place your chandelier to create a spectacular focal point and gorgeous lighting atmosphere.



Our outdoor lights installation service brightens your outside areas, making them safer and more attractive.



Our Dubai computer wiring solution offers stable and structured network infrastructure for smooth communication and excellent computer system performance.



Our switch installation and repair service ensures effective and hassle-free operation by correctly installing and rapidly repairing switches for smooth electrical management in your area.


Lighting Controls (Dimmer โ€“ Brighter)

Our Dubai light controller maintenance service fixes any difficulties with your light controllers, assuring smooth functioning and easy lighting system control for a well-lit and pleasant area.


Electric heat, ranges, and dryer installation

Our Dubai electric heat, range, and dryer installation service provides skilled and trustworthy installation of these critical equipment, giving effective heating, cooking, and laundry solutions for your home or company.


LED Parking lot Lighting

Our LED parking lot lighting service in Dubai transforms your parking area with energy-efficient and high-quality lighting solutions, enhancing visibility, safety, and security for both drivers and pedestrians.


Security Lighting

Our Dubai security lighting service deters trespassers and improves your facilities’ safety and security.


Breakdown Repair

Our Dubai breakdown repair service minimizes downtime and ensures your electrical systems run smoothly by fixing electrical faults quickly.


Door Bell Installation

Our Dubai doorbell installation service ensures you never miss a visitor or delivery by installing doorbell systems professionally.


Cable Management

Our Dubai cable management service organizes cables, reduces clutter, and enhances safety and aesthetics.


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